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The Most Advanced Powders We’ve Ever Created.  

Mendocino Producer’s Choice line of water soluble fertilizers are the most advanced powders we’ve ever created.  Formulated with the grower in mind, the redesigned formulas will totally change the game and maximize a plant’s production potential. Mendocino formulas are 100% water soluble, high analysis formulas containing a properly balanced mixture of all essential plant nutrients with additional quality-enhancing elements.

The Mendocino formulas incorporate a diverse amount of specifically formulated ingredients that aren’t offered by other competitors; which include added Calcium and Magnesium, DTPA/EDDHA Iron, carbohydrates, amino acids and doesn’t contain artificial dyes or colorings. All this while still incorporating the highest purity technical grade plant foods and quality raw materials that go into every batch. 


Producer’s Choice provides highly efficient, performance nutrients as a standalone base nutrient or as a vegetative and bloom stimulant incorporated into any existing feed schedule. Developed for use in soilless, hydroponic, organic soils, coco coir and aeroponic systems.

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